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Cape Town to Port Elizabeth Adventure Tour

Length 7 Days, 6 Nights
Meals 6 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 5 Suppers
Start Point Pickup Cape Town City Centre
End Point Drop off Port Elizabeth
Departs On Availibity
Accommodation 6 nights backpacker accommodation
Price On Request
Bookings Enquire Here


This is a 7 day adventure activity based tour leaving from Cape Town and heading through the Garden Route to Port Elizabeth. Many great activities included and lots of optional extras. Along the way we visit all the main towns such as Knysna and Oudtshoorn and the villages such as Wilderness and Stormsriver on the Garden Route while also heading off the beaten track. You will Experience exhilarating activities like Abseiling, quadbiking and bungee jumping while also being surrounded by serene natural beauty.

Areas Visited
Cape Town
•  Hermanus or Stellenbosch
•  Gansbaai
•  Wilderness
•  Outschoorn
•  Knysna
•  Storms River Village / Tsitsikamma
•  Jeffreys Bay
•  Addo
•  Port Elizabeth

Luxury air conditioned vehicles

What’s included

Bungee Jump - Gouritz

Bungee Jump - Gouritz

Just as you thought you had done it all, the Gourits Bridge Jump looms ahead of you. This is the ultimate in flying without wings. Leap, fall, jump or dive off the platform while being securely attached to the opposite bridge – the ultimate swing. Feel the rush of the air past your face as you swing over the riverbed below, underneath the bridge to the other side. Do it in tandem to get closer to that other person in your life than ever before. Alone or together, you can do it!

This is great for those who don’t like to jump head first – here you don’t hang upside down but go off feet first ensuring that you are in an upright position at all times.

Canoe Trip

The Canoeing trip in Wilderness is often seen as one of the favourite activities on the whole trip for many travelers. You start off canoeing up the very slow flowing river through the bird lover's paradise of the Wilderness Wetland, listen out for the haunting call of the Fish Eagle. You slowly make your way though the steep sided ravine covered with lush vegetation and then begin hiking along narrow pathways to the waterfalls for some adrenalin pumping kloofing in amazing surroundings. Two words to describe this activity: adventurer's paradise!
Wildlife Ranch

Cango Wildlife Ranch

Situated just 3km outside of the picturesque Karoo town of Oudtshoorn, the Cango Wildlife Ranch offers sanctuary to some of the world’s most endangered species and a haven to visitors. Welcome to the Cango Wildlife Ranch, the oldest and largest cheetah contact centre worldwide where you can see and feel a huge variety of animals including Africa’s spotted king, the cheetah. From the slithering snake to the majestic lion, you will find all you want here. Since its inception in 1977 the ranch has become one of the largest tourist attractions in the region. Cheetahland was developed in 1988 and became the home of a variety of cats such as lion and jaguar, helping us with our goal to promote public awareness of endangered species. The thrill of Valley of Ancients and Natural Encounters were completed in 2005 adding a thrill element to learning about crocodiles and making the Cango Wildlife Ranch one of the most interactive, exciting tourist attractions worldwide. New species of animals such as Madagascar Lemur, Spotted-necked otter and Marabou stork were brought in to awe visitors. The Natural Encounter program offers visitors young and old the once in a lifetime opportunity of interacting with some of our animals. Let the young ones wander around our Kiddies farm yard where they can connect with nature by feeding and cuddling our hand reared rabbits, guinea pigs and goats. If you are looking for a zoo, you will be sorely disappointed. The Cango Wildlife Ranch is uniquely designed to comfortably host more than 40 species of animals, giving visitors the opportunity to view and, in some cases, even interact with a variety of endangered animals. Your guided tour will take you through the alligator and crocodile enclosures and then off to Cheetahland where you will meet our big cats. A tour will last anything from 45 – 60 minutes.

Ostrich Riding
  Ostrich Riding

You will visit a working Ostrich farm just on the outskirts of Oudtshoorn. Here you will have the opportunity learn more about these fascinating birds, go on a tour of the farm and finally ride an ostrich! Ostrich brains are about the size of a peanut, so they believe that if they can’t see you, you can’t see them. You climb onto their back while they have a bag over their head, and as the bag is removed they shoot off! What they lack in brain matter they sure make up in speed. You "fly" around the enclosed area, hanging on for dear life until you fall off, or the ostrich gets tired and comes to a stop so you can slide off. This is a very fun and unforgettable activity that everyone should experience.
Cango Caving
  Cango Caves

The Cango Caves lie deep in the mountains above the town of Oudtshoorn. They were discovered by accident by a local sheep herder in the late 1800's and slowly the Cango Cave's reputation started growing and more and more people started coming to the area to see the caves for themselves. The caves stretch for 800m into the mountainside and contain many tunnels and caverns ranging from the size off huge performance halls to tiny spaces that you can barely squeeze through. You have the opportunity of going on a guided adventure tour through these caves where you will see the magnificence of massive stalactites and stalagmites and also crawl and squeeze your way through some very small spaces. If you are claustrophobic, have no fear, we also offer a less adventurous tour where you don't have to go into any small and enclosed spaces. You are guaranteed of enjoying this magical cave either way!
Fully qualified local Adventure Tour Guide
6 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 5 Suppers
Luxury air conditioned transport
6 nights backpacker accommodation

Extra optional activities on route

x Bungee Jump - Bloukrans (R590 pp)

Bungee Jump - Bloukrans

This is the ultimate thrill! Recognised by the Guinness World Records as the highest commercially operated Bungy Jump in the world. We secure you in a full body harness and proceed to walk along a specially designed catwalk (216m long), which is suspended beneath the road surface, which will then lead you to the top of the arch - 216 meters above the Bloukrans River.

Here you will be given final instructions by highly experienced staff, a countdown and off you go! Bloukrans utilizes pendulum bungy technology ensuring you the smoothest, most comfortable bungee jump possible.

x Shark Cage Diving (R1000 pp)

Shark Cage Diving - Gansbaai

Great White Sharks are the world's largest predatory fish, reaching over 6 metres (20 feet) in length. Armed with a lethal mouthful of serrated, razor-sharp daggers and powerful enough to launch their 1-ton bodies clear of the water, they are the ocean's top predator and are the most feared denizen of the sea to both sailors and sea creatures alike. Their diet includes other sharks and marine mammals, including dolphins and Cape Fur Seals. At Shark Alley, the seals are in a constant state of fear for their lives. Normally, the Great White is a migratory predator, but with so many tasty seals hanging around.....why leave??? On occasion, natural predation can be seen from our boat when an unfortunate seal is seized. When you come upon one of these magnificent creatures of the sea, you cannot help having a great amount of respect, and you will truly consider yourself to be among a very lucky and very small group of witnesses. There's not many people in this ‘special’ club. The Great White Shark has many awesome features, and it is truly an amazing animal.

x Paragliding (R400 pp)

The Wilderness area is famed for its unbelievable unspoilt natural beauty, and what better way to see than from the air? Feel the freedom of flight and the closest man has come to natural flight, paragliding. What a way to start the day. Paragliding is held early in the morning as this is the ideal time for flying, you will be transported to one of twenty seven different flight sites around the Wilderness area. This activity is highly recommended from anybody who has had the opportunity to do it before!
x Township Tour (R250 pp)
  Township Tour

The tour covers several diversities, with the first stop being a truly remarkable cultural experience - The Rastafarian community, very well established in Knysna, and one of the largest in the country! Speak to brother Maxi and brother Zebs about their way of life and their beliefs between materialism and spiritualism. We also visit the local shebeen and indulge in a refreshing local beer. Share traditional medicines with a South African Sangoma. Celina has been a Sangoma since a very young age and has some very special healing powers. Have a carefree play at The Concordia crèche where about 50 children between the ages of 4 and 7 go to prepare for primary school. The Knysna Township is a small community which has shops, churches, schools, libraries, fire station, medical clinics and recreational facilities.
x Zipline Tour (R300 pp)

Tree Top Tour

A first in Africa. Enjoy the unequaled beauty of the indigenous forest high up on ten treetop platforms. Gently glide along in harness along steel cables 30 meters above the forest floor. Birdlife is abundant (including Knysna Loeries and the elusive Narina Trojan), and your guides will explain the ecology of the lush primeval forest.

Safety is paramount, and the system has been built to the highest civil engineering standards. Guides are fully-trained professionals.

x Crocodile Cage Diving (R200 pp)
  Crocodile Cage Diving

Croc Cage Diving is the brainchild of Managing Director, Andrew Eriksen and as he explains it is based on the same principle as shark cage diving the main difference being that crocodiles see man as their natural prey, while sharks generally tend to treat humans with disdain. Brave visitors, 12 years and older, are lowered in a specially designed croc-proof cage into a crystal clear heated crocodile pool inhabited by five 4 meter Nile crocodiles. To make it accessible to all the Ranch’s visitors, divers dive with goggles and snorkels so that no scuba gear is needed. To prove that those brave enough have actually completed their dive, they are rewarded with an underwater photograph of themselves surrounded by carnivores.
x Adventure Boat Trip (R60 pp)
  Adventure Cruise

A great way to see Knysna's natural surrounds is from the lagoon itself. This boat trip takes you into the lagoon, close to the far shores and then into the Heads themselves! The only boat that can actually take you into these treacherous waters for some spectacular views.



Welcome to Cape Xtreme Adventure Tours! You start the tour this morning, heading out of Cape Town for the Stellenbosch Wine region for some sight seeing and cheese and wine tasting. We over night in the student town of Stellenbosch. In Whale season we head to the fishing town of Hermanus instead, world renowned for the best shore based whale watching, this is where we stay over tonight. The many bars and clubs in either town will allow you to get to know your travel companions that little bit better!


Today you drive to world famous Gansbaai. Here you can be completely amazed by boat based Whale Viewing (in season) or scared senseless by Shark Cage diving. We then drive towards the Garden Route today, watch and be amazed how the vegetation changes dramatically in front of your eyes. Your first stop is at the Gouritz River Bridge for a 62 meter bungee that you WILL be jumping, be advised, our guides don’t take no for an answer. You then dive into the Garden Route by heading to the picturesque coastal village of Wilderness where we will be staying over.


You start the morning off by boarding your canoes and head up stream through beautiful scenery and then hike through the forest to some beautiful waterfalls. You then amble your way inland over the Outeniqua Mountains to the Town of Oudtshoorn, the Ostrich capital of the world. After all this you head off to crawl and squease through the world famous Cango Caves which goes 800 meters into the mountains. You stay tonight in Oudtshoorn, try make use of the night by talking to some of the locals at the bar, you are garunteed for some very interesting and amusing tales.


Your first stop is a Wildlife Rehabilitation Ranch where you are able to veiw Bengal Tigers, Hippo's, Snakes etc pat a Cheetah and even cage dive with Crocodiles! You then visit a working Ostrich farm where you will get the oppurtunity of a life time to ride a bird! We then wind our way back over the mountain down to the spectacular lake side town of Knysna, 3 times voted South Africas Favourite town! where we all jump aboard a river boat for sundowners on the lagoon.


Today we first take in the scenic beauty and then start the fun, you can choose to do a half day adventure activity package (combining abseiling, quad biking, hiking and canoeing). You then have the opportunity to experience the highest commercial bungee jump in the world. Tonight we stay in Stormsriver Village, right in the middle of a beautiful forrest.


Wake up to the magical world of this unique coastal forest. The first thing you will do today is be taken into the jungle to go Foofy sliding (Zip Lining) from one tree to the next through breath taking scenery you should definitely try this, it is unforgetable! You then head to South Africa's surf mecca . . . Jeffreys Bay, aka J-Bay which has featured in countless surf videos. Here you have the chance to go shopping at the surf shops all offering great deals on surf clothing and merchendise, or go for a surf at the famous point.


We start the day off by heading to Addo Elephant NP to view all the amazing animals in the Park. We then head to the city of Port Elizabeth. This is unfortunately the last stop and the end of the tour. We end off the evening with sundowners overlooking the ocean with fond memories and many new friendships.

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Cape Town to Port Elizabeth Adventure Tour Backpackers South Africa Extreme Adventure Tours